PRIVACY POLICY for First Careers (New Zealand) Limited


First Careers (NZ) Ltd takes your privacy seriously, as a vital part of providing you with a high quality service, based on best practice.

We understand the need to safeguard your personal and vocational (career) information and respect your rights under the 1993 Privacy Act (New Zealand). Our Privacy Policy complies with the Twelve Principles of Privacy outlined by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner in New Zealand.

This Policy is effective from 31 August 2008 and has been revised effective 1 November 2015.


First Careers maintains and hosts the Smithells®NZ website, which is located at the URL and is accessible through other URLs such as,, and Any reference to ‘we’ or ‘us’ in this Privacy Policy refers to First Careers (New Zealand) Limited or any related First Careers company providing you with our services and products.

The purpose of this policy

Other policies applying to our services

In addition to our Privacy Policy, our Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and Copyright Information apply to your use of our services. It is important that you are familiar with our Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and Copyright Information. Please read them in conjunction with this Privacy Policy.

Your consent to this Privacy Policy & the other policies

After reading this Privacy Policy and the other policies, by clicking on the 'I accept" button on the Registration page, you consent to this Policy, the other policies and the collection, safe storage and use of your personal and vocational information by First Careers (NZ) Limited.

If First Careers (NZ) Limited decides to update or amend our Privacy Policy, we will do so in this section of our website.

Please check our Privacy Policy each time you visit the Smithells®NZ website.

Who are we?

  • The websites mentioned above are the websites of First Careers (NZ) Limited.
  • The directors of First Careers are Tim and Juliana Smithells.
  • Our postal address is P.O. Box 1539, Hamilton 3240, New Zealand.
  • Our Registered Office is 252 Ohaupo Road, Hamilton, 3206, New Zealand.
  • We can be reached by email at

Visitors to the Smithells®NZ website

If you are just surfing and/or gathering information from our website, then we collect and save securely the following information about your visit:

  • The time and date of your visit to our website
  • The pages you have visited and/or downloaded
  • Your domain name (if you have one)
  • Your IP address (a number assigned to your internet connection)
  • The operating system your computer uses
  • The web browser and related identifiers your computer uses
  • Any search engine you are using

Typically, this information is intended to identify the computer you are using, not you as an individual.

The information is used for statistical purposes and to enhance the managing of the First Careers computer system and website.

Gathering your personal information

First Careers gathers personal information from visitors to the Smithells®NZ website who contact us for information, and/or who wish to purchase access to our services and products, including online access to the Smithells® Career Planning Questionnaires or Update Questionnaires. This information includes your full name, gender, date of birth, your email address, your town/city and country, the date of payment, name, contact number and credit card details of the person paying for your access to the Questionnaires. This personal information is stored securely in the First Careers database. When personal information is no longer required for the purposes for which it was gathered, it may be deleted.

    By collecting this information, we are able to:

    • Respond to any questions or feedback from you
    • Understand your service requirements
    • Invoice you, collect payments and provide a receipt
    • Email you with your Career Information Summary or Update Summary, after completing the Questionnaires
    • Identify you when you request information, other services or a change to your details
    • Keep you updated on developments to our services and products

Gathering your vocational information

The other information we gather from you is the unique vocational (work-related and learning-related) information you provide in your responses to every section of each of the online Smithells® Full Questionnaires or Update Questionnaires.

First Careers' main purpose in gathering your vocational information is to encourage and assist you to begin active career planning.

There are two other important purposes in gathering this vocational information.

Firstly, gathering this information permits the generation of a Career Information Summary (or Update Summary), with some feedback and ideas, to be emailed to you as an attachment, after you complete the Questionnaires, so you can continue your career planning;

Secondly, generating your Summary permits you, once you have requested or confirmed a face-to-face appointment with a Smithells® Professional, to forward or mail your Summary to that Smithells® Professional.

By mailing or forwarding your Summary to a Smithells® Professional, you are consenting to the transfer of, and access to your personal and vocational information by that Smithells® Professional.

Your vocational information will be held in safe storage in the First Careers research database, so that we can reproduce your information for statistical or research purposes, without identifying you or any other individual.

When vocational information is no longer required for the purposes for which it was gathered, it may be deleted.

Other information we gather from you

From time to time, other personal and/or vocational information will be sought from you (and others who have completed the Smithells® Questionnaires online) through online forms, emails, online surveys and evaluations.

This information will be used for First Careers' purposes, without identifying you or any other individual. It will be used primarily to improve and enhance the services and products we provide, to improve our website, and to share findings with the Smithells® Professionals, to enhance their provision of face-to-face career planning services.

Who sees your information?

First Careers is the recipient of your personal and vocational information. First Careers is the organization that gathers your information and holds it in safe storage for the purposes of the Privacy Act (New Zealand).

After you have requested or confirmed an appointment with a Smithells® Professional, it is your responsibility to forward or mail your Career Information Summary to that Smithells® Professional.

Your relationship with your Smithells® Professional is one based on mutual respect, honesty, teamwork and trust. First Careers has no direct control over that relationship.

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints relating to your appointment, please contact the Smithells® Professional in the first instance by email, telephone or fax.

For advice and suggestions, click on the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) menu button on the Home Page of the Smithells®NZ website and read the FAQ: ‘If I have an issue, a concern or a complaint to do with any career planning with a Smithells® Professional, what do I do?‘

How we disclose your information

First Careers and Smithells®NZ will not disclose, divulge or release your personal and/or vocational information to any other person without your agreement, unless required or allowed by law.

Storage and security of your information

First Careers takes every reasonable security precaution to make sure that the information you have provided on the Smithells®NZ website (including your personal and vocational information) is not affected by loss, misuse or alteration, and is stored safely on the servers of our web host company, Macrotech Limited, in Hamilton, New Zealand.

How you access your information

If you wish to access or correct any information you have provided through the Smithells®NZ website, please contact First Careers by email or fax, or by writing to First Careers' postal address.

What else you need to keep in mind

When you have completed the online Smithells® Full or Update Questionnaires, and requested / confirmed an appointment or prefer not to make an appointment, please log out of the First Careers website and close your web browser. This is especially important, if you share use of a computer or use a public access computer (for example, in a secondary school, university, polytechnic, TAFE, community college, internet café or library).

By logging out and closing the web browser, you make sure that no one else can gain access to your personal and vocational information and emails to us. Some browsers allow users to "clear private data" before closing down - we recommend that you do this if possible. If you use your own computer, you are responsible for the access to, use and security of that computer, and for the files, folders, emails and web addresses on that computer.


External websites that are linked to or from the Smithells®NZ website are generally not under the control or responsibility of First Careers (New Zealand) Limited and you are advised to read their privacy statements.

The exceptions to this are the four websites linked directly to the Smithells®NZ website:,, and

Intellectual property & jurisdiction

Under license from the Bornholm Trust, First Careers (NZ) Limited has the authority to manage the use of the Trust's intellectual property on the Smithells®NZ website. Everything on the Smithells®NZ website is copyrighted unless otherwise noted. First Careers welcomes your visiting the Smithells®NZ website and using it for non-commercial purposes only, providing you do not alter, copy or remove any material, including but not limited to any copyright works or trade marks.

This website is governed by, and is to be understood and interpreted in accordance with the laws of New Zealand.

Changes to this policy

First Careers (NZ) Limited reserves the right to modify and amend the Privacy Policy at anytime, and for any reason without actively notifying our customers.

If there were to be any substantial changes to how First Careers (NZ) Limited manages web clients' personal and/or vocational information, web clients will receive an electronic mail out.