How effective is the Smithells® Career Planning System?

It is very effective. That success is measured in four ways:

  • Client feedback
  • Young people consistently say that the system is ‘fun’, ‘helpful’, ‘makes you think’, ‘covers everything’ and ‘gives you a (career) focus’.

    Their parents consistently say that the Smithells® System is 'good value for money', ‘thorough’, ‘professional’ and has ‘excellent follow-up service and support’.

  • Client satisfaction
  • Many existing clients and client families refer other family members, partners or friends; flat-mates or teammates; school, polytechnic or university classmates; workmates or colleagues, to Smithells®NZ to go through the Smithells®System.

    Over 95% of referrals to Approved Smithells® Professionals come by word of mouth from satisfied clients and client families.

  • Accuracy
  • Most young people who go through the Smithells® System and see an Approved Smithells® Professional, stick to their career ideas or plan. Feedback over 16 years from informal surveys of young clients two years after leaving school indicates that over 90%...

    • Were following the same career direction
    • Gained entry to their first option for study, training or work
    • Completed their first two years successfully
    • Aimed to continue with the same option, at the same place

  • Repeat business
  • Over time, after their first face-to-face appointment with an Approved Smithells® Professional, well over 50% of existing clients return for one or more further appointments. They return to...

    • Review their career options
    • Regain their career focus
    • Rework their career plan
    • Do more targeted career counselling,
    • Reassure themselves they are on the right career track, or
    • Add something new into their career thinking


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