About Smithells®NZ


  • Is our brand
  • Is also the trading name for First Careers (NZ) Limited
  • Is authorized, under license from the Bornholm Trust, to manage the use of the Smithells® Career Planning System
  • Manages the Smithells®NZ website
  • Is 100% New Zealand developed, owned and operated

The Smithells®Group is...

  • A network of NZ career professionals known as Approved Smithells® Professionals
  • Nationwide
  • The only network of independent career professionals who work face-to-face with 15-30 year olds, matching career paths to each individual


  • Can be contacted through this website to request an appointment or to ask for information: click here for a full list of Approved Smithells® Professionals
  • Are trained by Smithells®NZ
  • Are skilled at using the Smithells® Career Planning System
  • Carry out career counselling with teenagers, school leavers and their families, and with tertiary learners and young adults
  • Provide up-to-date careers advice
  • Work 1:1 and face-to-face
  • Are all members of CDANZ, the Career Development Association of New Zealand


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